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Wedding/ Private Function/ Special Event/ Group Booking Set menu

Warm and welcoming, historic and characteristic, purpose built hospitality venue, with its high kauri beamed ceiling, marble floors, comfortable open plan, spacious outdoors terraced patios and it’s Mediterranean vibes and flair, the setting sun behind the palms, it’s sure to set the scene to your wedding, special occasions, and private functions.


We are just a phone call away. We would love to accommodate you and be at your service.

We can cater to your requirements and offer great set menu packages to suit your budget.

We serve healthy, we serve quality and we serve generously!


And best of all in regards to your wedding or private function 

  • We don’t charge for venue hire fees.
  • We have audio and video connectivity at your disposal, including a huge 3 meters x 2 meters crystal clear projector screen to display your photos, video clips, etc.
  • We have a huge spacious car park right at the front door to welcoming you and your guests with ease.


Do check us out and consider us for your next meaningful occasion or event ! 


  • Platinum package for weddings = $99 per person, including all the decorations.
  • Gold package for special occasions and private functions = $69 per person.
  • Silver package for mix and mingle, for group bookings or private functions = $49 per person


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